The Most Abominable Pics Ever Captured In A Public Bathroom

If, at any given moment, we had the choice between a public bathroom and the one at home, you can bet that everyone would opt for the latter. Public restrooms are notoriously filthy, and most of us have had plenty of gross experiences with them. But for every toilet bowl surprise you’ve come across, there are those that have seen far worse while answering nature’s call.

Though you probably shudder to imagine what kind of abominable things people have come across in public bathrooms, you don’t have to; you’ll find photos of them right here. So brace yourself, because after seeing these weird and gross restroom pics, you’ll never take your home bathroom for granted again.

1. Runs (on Dunkin’): No wonder this guy had to make a b-line for the toilet — he’s trying to a tackle a half-dozen chocolate glazed all by himself! The only place those donuts will be dunkin’ is in the toilet.

2. Wait Just a Doggone Minute: Was the dog in his pants to begin with or did he somehow find his way in? Was he put there forcibly, or does he enjoy it? And, most importantly, why on earth is this man ok with a dog in his pants?

3. Kids These Days: Going to the bathroom used to be simple: you just sat down on the toilet and went. But that isn’t “fun” enough for today’s kids. Pretty soon, they’ll be using trampolines just to get up on the bowl.

4. Not Again: We’ve all had those days. You know the kind — you’re tired, your mind’s not really there, and you wind up leaving a bag of boiled hotdogs and a pair of socks on a lunch tray next to the toilet. Happens all the time.

5. An Extra Push: It looks like she’s called upon a little divine intervention to help her through this bathroom break. It also seems that her sunglasses were messing with her focus, as she just tossed those things on the floor without a care.

6. No Words: This is an unspeakable level of filthiness. And ketchup on the fries? What, is he just digging in there with his unwashed hands, getting ketchup all over them, and then going right back to business? No. No. A thousand times no.

7. A Little Help: If you’ve ever wondered why the toilet paper dispenser makes that squeaky sound every time you tear off a square, well, now you know. Every TP holder comes with a resident possum who’s specifically trained to feed out the paper as you pull.

8. The Gamble: Whoever this woman is, she’s playing a dangerous game. It’s bad enough to be barefoot anywhere that isn’t your home, but going barefoot in a bathroom is like playing Russian roulette with athlete’s foot.

9. I’ve Come Prepared: This stall has it all. You’ve got your turkey broth to drink, some cash to order takeout, a phone charger to keep your battery full, and a Bible to brush up on Genesis and/or banish any bathroom demons.

10. To Each His Own: It’s hard to tell what the weirdest part of this photo is: the fact that someone is making two dozen sandwiches in a high school bathroom or that the only spread they’re using is a jar of jelly.

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