Teen Begins Irish Dancing In Airport Leaving Onlookers Amazed When Others Suddenly Join In

Airports are typically where arrivals and departures take place. But little did the commuters at London Southend know that they’d be seeing something spectacular that day.

It all started when a young lady wearing a green jacket approached the center of the airport. All eyes were on her as she started Irish dancing. Even the people who were shopping at nearby establishments stood for a while to watch her happily tap her feet.

A few moments later, a young man approached her as if to closely observe her dance. To the crowd’s surprise, the young man started Irish dancing, too!

When another man joined the two dancers, the crowd started cheering. They were clearly enjoying what they’re watching – and much to their joy, more and more dancers joined the group.

With each tap of the dancers’ feet, more people started coming in. Even the area on the next floor was filled with viewers who were all hooked by the performance. Some of them even took out their phones to capture the flash mob. Kids and even the older commuters looked amazed!

Halfway through the performance, an additional group of young men and women joined in. It was simply incredible how they were able to join the Irish dance easily and come out in sync with the rest of the dancers. There was no doubt they were one talented group.

And at that point, the dancers started taking off their jackets to reveal their white shirts underneath. They were performing for the launch of the Aer Lingus Regional Service. Most of the people watching the performance were clapping to the tune of the song.

In all, there were about 40 talented Irish dancers that surprised London Southend Airport’s commuters that day. And for sure, everyone who was at the airport won’t easily forget the performance they witnessed. It was simply amazing.

The young dancers were from the McGahan Lees Dance Academy – an arts school located in Essex, England. It’s said that this Irish dancing performance is one of the most popular airport flash mobs to date. As of now it’s been viewed on YouTube more than 9 million times.

Press play on the video below to see this memorable performance for yourself!

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