Extremely Tall People Share Their Everyday Struggles In The Most Priceless Photos

If you’re tall, the world takes notice, and those blessed in terms of height spend a lot of time answering the same old questions: How tall are you? Do you play basketball? Is your romantic partner tall, too? But politely repeating the answers to annoying gawkers isn’t the only struggle those over 6-foot-and-counting deal with daily. Sometimes the world is just too small.

From all the way up there, our vertically advantaged friends notice a bunch of problems the 5’11”-and-under crowd just can’t fathom. Some of these daily conflicts go way further than making tall people hunch, but, most importantly, they all require creative solutions that deserve an upward salute.

1. As if fees weren’t enough, banks brought this customer to her knees while trying to pick up a few 20s. The situation made her smile in the moment, though we’re not sure her knees would remember the experience just as well.

2. When the room doesn’t fit your stature, wear it like a big old hat. This vertically advantaged fellow grew tired of hunching over for the entirety of the party, so he fashioned himself a brand new height-related conversation starter.

3. The 6’8″ groom and 6’4″ bride got the best wedding gift of all — making their average height friends look silly as heck in the photos. To drive home the payback, the bridesmaids were relegated to kitten heels and flats.

4. Zack hoped for a fun day at the zoo, but instead of laughing at the monkeys, he learned his wingspan was larger than that of an average gorilla. Somehow, all the animals seemed a little less impressive that day.

5. Adapting to a small stature world requires flexibility. In this case, some views are worth doing splits for. Good thing this guy wore his stretchiest pair of cargo shorts.

6. To borrow from Zoolander, was this water fountain designed for ants? How did they anticipate basketball players to drink from something this low to the ground? Clearly, they needed some taller people to look over the blueprints.

7. Car of your dreams? Check. Face full of bugs? Double Check. We’re not saying Lambos have height restrictions; however, a half-million-dollar car should, at minimum, keep your teeth mosquito-free.

8. Forget a sunroof. This big boy driver’s got a speedster with a dome dome. Unfortunately, conversation with the other passengers is nearly impossible unless you scream against the wind.

9. It makes you wonder, did this particular fan inspire the shirt, or does this poor chap get bonked by ceiling fans on a regular basis? Stay safe out there, long-necked brethren.

10. Nova Scotian politician Stephen McNeil got a lot of attention when his 6’5″ stature had reporters climbing for interviews. So it was a bit of a shock when this 6’9″ reporter showed up and out tall-ed him so effortlessly.

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