Dog Trapped In Small Box His Entire Life As Rescuers Discover The Piercing Truth

Cesar the Yorkshire terrier had a rough start to life. The tiny pup was confined to a dirty, dark box nearly all its life and couldn’t move more than a few feet. He and dozens of other mistreated dogs were all part of a despicable puppy mill operation – one that eventually caught the attention of local enforcement.

After the mill was shut down, rescuers came in to remove Cesar and his puppy friends. They had no idea the pups were in such poor health…

As soon as Cesar was brought into the veterinarian’s office, the medical team rushed to his aide. They knew they had to act fast if Cesar was going to make it through the night. The team got to work chopping off his matted fur and treating the countless infections that covered his tiny body. It was clear that he had never received medical attention – or any attention at all.

Instead of trying to fight the humans, Cesar stood back and allowed them to do their job. He must’ve sensed that they were only there to help.

The teamed worked tirelessly to free Cesar from his furry bondage. He wouldn’t be confined to a small space anymore – the world was going to be his oyster, one way or another! After hours of carefully shaving, trimming and treating, the vet was able to remove all of Cesar’s excess matter fur.

He was finally a free pupper!

After the fur situation was handled, the vet staff turned their attention to Cesar’s obvious malnutrition. They pumped him full of fluids, nutrients and medicine. All they could do after that was hope and pray for his recovery.

Thankfully, their comprehensive treatment plan worked! Cesar healed completely and was eventually adopted by a loving family who would never consider trapping him in a box. He gets free roam of the house, the yard and their hearts!

Watch Cesar’s transformation from start to finish below. We’re so glad he’s safe now!

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