Creative Things People Do To Avoid Fixing Things Properly

A kid who won’t take their meds? The gap in the bathroom stall the size of a canyon? Sometimes it seems like there are more problems that need fixing than there are solutions in this world. Who has the time to tackle them all?

As it turns out, these people do. They’ve looked at what’s broken or inefficient and set out to fix everything as quickly as they could. While these solutions might not be ready to roll out to the general public, you’ve got to admire their ingenuity. Some of these hacks you may even want to use yourself!

1. The Olympic Board is still deciding if cutting onions qualifies as a sport, though even the most mediocre cook knows nothing has ever been more extreme. Add a pair of snowboard goggles to the utensil drawer; we’ve got a new kitchen essential!

2. College is hard enough while shouldering workloads and accountability. But throw actually having to use your arms to hold your iPad into the mix? Now mom and dad can rest as assured that all that tuition money towards an engineering degree will pay off.

3. “Here, have a sip of Mommy’s soda.” No child can turn down the temptation of a sugary carbonated beverage. The next time your kid is covered in snot and refusing to cooperate, tape the meds to a soda can. We won’t tell if you won’t.

4. A little musical inspiration can cure all your worries. After Dale’s laptop grew too feeble to hold its screen up, he cranked that classic tune, Bill Wither’s “Lean On Me,” and the solution became very clear.

5. Okay, fashioning a floating shelf out of hangers might constitute as a lazy fix, though whoever chose the top of the closet as the ideal spot for an outlet and internet hook up takes the trophy for the worst idea.

6. One crack in his screen sent this guy on a journey through corner-cutting fixes. The touch screen failed, so he rigged a micro USB to Bluetooth to an ancient relic called a mouse, which goes to show phone prices are too high.

7. After last year’s locker robbery fiasco at the water park, dad wasn’t taking any chances with his wallet and keys. He’s playing with fire here, especially if he mixes up his “dirty” diapers!

8. Everyone tried peeking at their opponents’ progress during split screen video gaming, so this cardboard box kept cheaters in the dark. Like horse blinders, but with lower stakes!

9. Which came first: toast or the toaster? Obviously, people were getting their toast on before KitchenAid and Cuisinart made it into an effortless task. When your toaster is on the fritz, you could try the oven, but where’s the fun in that?

10. Do you really need the hundreds of kitchen gadgets pushed by the home party industry? Heck, no! When the tape is still sticky, and your standards are pretty low, tenderizing meat only requires an open mind.

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