Baby Runs To Give Daddy Hug Only To Steal The Show With His Moves

Babies are so darn cute it makes sense they melt our hearts into puddles. No matter how witty or talented you are – if there’s a little one in the room, get ready to play second fiddle.

One dad, who’s a musician, can attest to this hands down. And the video that was captured is laugh-out-loud adorable.

Coffey Anderson is a country music star originally from a small town in Texas. He’s had a very successful career over the years, but is also a proud father.

During one of Coffey’s concerts, a scene unfolded that quickly went viral.

It all took place when his son, Ethan, was just 17-months-old.

Coffey was singing a rendition of the Van Morrison classic, “Brown Eyed Girl” to a crowd that was enjoying the music. Although he was performing amazingly on his own – a little helper was about to steal the show.

All of a sudden, Coffey’s toddler emerged from the side stage.

The kid was wearing just a t-shirt and lacking pants (an outfit most of us only get to wear Saturday mornings). He ran up and grabbed ahold of his daddy’s legs, giving them a big hug.

While it was a very aww-worthy moment, the next moment is what took the cake.

Baby Ethan started dancing right there in the middle of the stage! He must have realized his dad could use a backup performer, so decided to sign himself up for the position. He’s actually pretty good, too.

Shaking his hips, moving his legs, and clapping his hands – the tot showed everyone his moves without any stage fright. He was enjoying the concert just as much as anyone else!

According to Coffey’s Facebook page, Ethan liked to dance when he would play the guitar at home. Perhaps “Brown Eyed Girl” was one of his favorites?

At one point, Ethan ran off to the side stage where his mom was sitting. But he wasn’t done yet. He continued to dance right by a couple of people who were dressed up as Fiddle Faddle popcorn.

The crowd naturally loved watching Ethan get down to his daddy’s music. Fortunately, Coffey didn’t seem to mind sharing the spotlight either.

When the boy ran back out to join him on stage, he bent down with his guitar and cheered him on.

“Go baby, go baby!”

Then the song transitioned over to “867-5309/Jenny.” While one would think that maybe the little guy was getting sleepy from all his dancing, nope, he still had some energy left.

After getting his groove on, Ethan then ran back to mom and passed over his binky. And you know it’s about to get even crazier when a baby gives up their binky.

But just as Ethan joined his dad once again to dance, Coffey’s song came to an end.

The crowd cheered for the country star, and for Ethan as well. Now, this is a kid cut out for stardom!

Captured footage of the performance spread like wildfire all over the internet. The YouTube video alone has over 12 million views.

It goes to show that no matter how famous you are if there’s an adorable kid nearby – get ready to be upstaged.

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