4-Yr-Old Boy Jumps Into High School Drum Line For Sweetest Performance.

When kids are little, they often find a hobby, character, or game they just love and they will pour their heart and soul into it. Every now and then, they pick something they have a natural talent for and leave everyone around them with jaws dropped.

Such is the case for Seneca Whitehead. The (now) four-year-old loves to play on his little toy drum and for his birthday he just wanted to bring it to a local high school football game. When his mom captured a video of him playing the instrument, she had no idea it would quickly go viral.

Seneca’s mom, Tabithia Wilcox told her son that he could bring his toy drum to the Telfair County High School football game the family was attending one night. Seneca was elated and was enthusiastically playing his little drum in the bleachers as the game went on.

Not only that, but Seneca got to join the school’s drumline on the sidelines for a little performance, too! In it, the four-year-old is drumming along, almost in perfect synchronization with the band members. Both Tabithia and the Telfair County Trojan Band posted a video of the little performance, both of them wishing the talented kiddo a very happy birthday.

It didn’t take long for people to catch on to Seneca’s amazing (and adorable) talent! The video went viral in basically no time, with multiple media outlets reaching out to Tabithia about her real-life little drummer boy.

He’s reached so much fame that the four-year-old was even asked to be featured on the national TV show, Good Morning America! Once again, both Tabithia and the school’s drumline are so proud of the tiny drummer and ecstatic that his talent hasn’t gone unnoticed.

In their original post, the Telfair County Trojan Band thanked Seneca “for bringing a smile to so many faces” a sentiment his mom also shared on her birthday post for him saying, “I tell you this little guy here makes my heart smile”. So, it seems Seneca has two impressive talents – drumming and making everyone around him smile.

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